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Standard Weatherboard Profiles

Baltic W'boards

Baltic/Nordic Primed WeatherboardsAvailability
Weather Boards Baltic PRIMED Square Edge 170x18 per LMWB17018S6.0m 5.4m 4.8m
Weather Boards Baltic PRIMED Round Edge 170x18 per LMWB17018R5.4m & Other
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Square Primed 220mm per LMWFWWSP225Order
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Round Primed 220mm per LMWFWWRP225Order
Pine Treated Primed 57 X 30 DRESSED (H3) W/B Stop per LMMODR5730Stocked
Pine Treated Primed 30 X 30 DRESSED (H3) W/B Stop per LMMODR3030Stocked


Western Red Cedar Weather BoardsAvailability
Western Red Cedar W-Boards 185mm (160 cover) per LMWBCEDARIn Stock
Nordic Natural WeatherboardsAvailability
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Square Natural 170mm per LMWFWWS175Order
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Round Natural 170mm per LMWFWWR175Order
Nordic Treated (T2 & H3) WeatherboardsAvailability
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Square T2 Primed 170mm per LMWFWWTSP175Order
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Round T2 Primed 170mm per LMWFWWTRP175Order
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Square H3 Natural 170mm per LMWFWWS3175Order
Nordic Whitewood Wboards Round H3 Natural 170mm per LMWFWWR3175Order
Nordic Redwood Weatherboard Stop (H3 Treated)Availability
Nordic Redwood Weatherboard Stop (H3 CCA FJ Primed) 56x30mm per LMWFR3PFJD3056Order
Nordic Redwood Weatherboard Stop (H3 CCA FJ Primed) 30x30mm per LMWFR3PFJD3030Order

Timber Cladding Profiles


Treated Pine Shiplap CladdingAvailability
CCA Cladding (402 Shiplap) 140 x 19 per LMSHIPLAPStocked
Nordic Cladding Lunawood UTSAvailability
Lunawood Cladding UTS Channel 117 x 19 per LMWFRSFLKTDUTS25125Order
Nordic Cladding Pattern 401Availability
Nordic Cladding Whitewood Primed Pat.401 127x19 per LMWFW401P25150Order
Nordic Cladding Redwood Natural CCA H3 Pat.401 127x19 per LMWFR401H325150Order
Nordic Cladding Pattern 402Availability
Nordic Cladding Whitewood Primed Pat.402 127x19 per LMWFW402P25150Order
Nordic Cladding Redwood Natural CCA H3 Pat.402 127x19 per LMWFR402H325150Order
Nordic Cladding Twin ChannelAvailability
Nordic Cladding Whitewood Primed Twin Channel 127x19 per LMWFWTCP25150Order
Nordic Cladding Redwood Natural CCA H3 Twin Channel 127x19 per LMWFRTC325150Order
Nordic Cladding BomboraAvailability
Nordic Cladding Whitewood Primed Bombora 127x19 per LMWFWBOMP25150Order
Nordic Cladding Redwood Natural CCA H3 Bombora 127x19 per LMWFRBOM325150Order

Timber Cladding Profiles

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Shiplap CladdingAvailability
Spotted Gum Shiplap Cladding 122 x 19 LMSGSH12219Stocked


Cypress CladdingAvailability



Shadowclad Treated Plywood PRIMEDAvailability
Shadowclad Ext H3 Cladding Grooved/Textured Primed 2440x1216x12mmSC2440NOrder
Shadowclad Ext H3 Cladding Grooved/Textured Primed 2745x1216x12mmSC2745NOrder
Shadowclad Treated Plywood UNPRIMEDAvailability
Shadowclad Ext H3 Cladding Grooved/Textured UNPrimed 2440x1216x12mmSC2440POrder
Shadowclad Ext H3 Cladding Grooved/Textured UNPrimed 2745x1216x12mmSC2745POrder

CHH Wood

Weathertex Panels

Weathertex is a 100% australian owned manufacturer of natural Australian hardwood Weatherboards and Architectural Panels. Weathertex only uses certified state forest or private hardwoods sourced within 150km of the factory in NSW. The logs are chipped, pulped and pressed with 3% natural wax to make Australian timber products that are natural, perfect, and have a better than zero carbon footprint.


Weathertex Selflok WeatherboardsAvailability
WT Weathergroove Ruff Sawn 2440x1196x9.5mmWT027Order
WT Weathergroove Ruff Sawn 2745x1196x9.5mmWT028Order
WT Weathergroove Ruff Sawn 3660x1196x9.5mmWT029Order
WT Weathergroove Smooth 150mm Groove 2440x1196x9.5mmWT030Order
WT Weathergroove Smooth 150mm Groove2745x1196x9.5mmWT031Order
WT Weathergroove Smooth 150mm Groove 3660x1196x9.5mmWT032Order
WT Weathergroove Woodsman 2440x1196x9.5mmWT033Order
WT Weathergroove Woodsman 2745x1196x9.5mmWT044Order
WT Weathergroove Woodsman 3660x1196x9.5mmWT045Order
Wtex Weathergroove Natural 3660x1196x9.5mmWT046Order

Weathertex Weatherboards


Weathertex Selflok WeatherboardsAvailability
WT Selflok EcoGroove Smooth 300mm Groove 3660x300x9.5mmWT008Order
WT Selflok EcoGroove Woodsman 300mm Groove 3660x300x9.5mmWT009Order
WT Selflok EcoGroove Smooth 150mm Groove 3660x300x9.5mmWT010Order
WT Selflok EcoGroove Woodsman 150mm Groove 3660x300x9.5mmWT011Order
Wtex Selflok EcoGroove 150mm Natural Woodsman 3660x300x9.5mmWT012Order
Wtex Selflok EcoGroove 300mm Natural Woodsman 3660x300x9.5mmWT013Order
WT Natural Unprimed Ecogroove Plank 150mm Groove 3660x300x9.5mmWT014Order
WT Selflok Texwood Smooth 3660x300x9.5mmWT015Order
WT Selflok Millwood Ruff Sawn 3660x300x9.5mmWT016Order
WT Selflok Millwood Smooth 3660x300x9.5mmWT017Order
WT Selflok Old Colonial Smooth 3660x300x9.5mmWT018Order


Weathertex Primelok WeatherboardsAvailability
Wtex Primelok Smooth 3660x200x9.5mmWT019Order
Wtex Primelok Ruff Sawn 3660x200x9.5mmWT020Order
Wtex Primelok Woodsman 3660x200x9.5mmWT021Order
Wtex Primelok Federation Smooth 3660x170x9.5mmWT022Order
Wtex Primelok Federation Ruff Sawn 3660x170x9.5mmWT023Order
Wtex Primelok Shadowood 3660x170x9.5mmWT024Order
Wtex Primelok Braidwood Smooth 3660x200x9.5mmWT025Order
Wtex Primelok Braidwood Ruff Sawn 3660x200x9.5mmWT026Order


Weathertex Classic WeatherboardsAvailability
WT Weatherboard Classic Smooth 3660x200x9.5mmWT001Order
WT Weatherboard Classic Smooth 3660x300x9.5mmWT002Order
WT Weatherboard Classic Ruff Sawn 3660x200x9.5mmWT003Order
WT Weatherboard Classic Ruff Sawn 3660x300x9.5mmWT004Order
WT Weatherboard Rusticated Ruff Sawn 3660x200x9.5mmWT005Order
WT Weatherboard Rusticated Smooth 3660x200x9.5mmWT006Order
WT Wall Shingles Ruff Sawn 1195x225x9.5mmWT007Order