Creosote Treated Timber
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200 Strickland Rd, Strathdale
CREO pine poles are treated with Creosote to give them a longer life and prevent animals from chewing. Poles are available in Peeled or Cambio (rough) finish. Note: Creosote treated timber has been in short supply - please ask about currently available products.

Creo Sawn

Creo Sawn RailsAvailability
CREO Sawn Rail Premium 140 x 45 per LMCR14045106.0, 5.4, 4.8, 3m
CREO Sawn Rail Premium 190 x 45 per LMCR19045106.0, 5.4m
Creo Sawn PostsAvailability
CREO Sawn Post 100 x 100 / 1.8mCSP100100181.8m Only
CREO Sawn Post 150 x 150 / 2.4mCSP150150242.4m Only

Creo Rounds

Creosote Treated Round Poles 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 3.0m
CREO Peeled Rounds 100 - 125 / 1.8m Check Check Check Check
CREO Peeled Rounds 125 - 150 / 1.8m Check Check Check Check
CREO Peeled Rounds 150 - 200 / 2.1m * Check Check Order
CREO Peeled/Cambio Rounds 200 - 250 / 2.4m * * Order *

Creo Droppers

Creo DroppersAvailability
CREO Droppers Grooved 45 x 45 / 1.070mCREO1070Check
CREO Droppers Grooved 45 x 45 / 1.170mCREO1170Check
Heavily Galvanized Spring Dropper Clips (PX1) / 1000bagHDCOrder
Caution: Creosote has been used for centuries as a preservative and it deters animals from chewing posts & rails, but it is a known carcenogenic chemical that needs to be treated with caution. Do not touch creosote treated timber with exposed skin, always wear gloves, and sunscreen will help with reflected UV sunburn.

Cresote Material Safety Data Sheet