LVL Structural Beams
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200 Strickland Rd, Strathdale
Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a construction timber uniformly engineered with a high strength to weight ratio and available in long lengths. It provides the equivalent performance of F17 hardwood with H2 treatment for termites in above-ground weather protected applications.


  • E14 Structural
  • F17 Equivalent
  • H2S Termite Protection
LVL F17 H2 Beams - 45mmAvailability
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 90 x 45 per LMWB904510Order
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 90 x 63 per LMWB906310Order
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 140 x 45 per LMWB1404510Order
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 190 x 45 per LMWB1904510Order
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 240 x 45 per LMWB2404510Order
LVL Beam (H2 E14) 290 x 45 per LMWB2904510Order